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Longitudinal shearing blade

Longitudinal shearing blade

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Product Introduction:
Longitudinal scissors, also known as the slitting machine blade, mainly used in the metal plate uncoiling, vertical shear automatic production line;The raw material of the blade is high-speed cutting tool steel, and different materials are selected according to different plates such as cold and hot shearing rolling, silicon steel sheet, pickling plate, automobile girder steel, etc.

It is mainly made of skd-11, D2, SLD, W6Mo5Cr4V2, H13, H13K, H13Ni and other materials, which have been precisely processed by processes such as blanking, forging, tempering, rough machining, heat treatment, tempering, finishing machining, inspection and packaging.

The blade plays a key role in the whole slitting line, which directly affects the effect of the finished plate.The blade shall be carefully ground by a high-precision grinding machine for each detail, and then the finished product shall be ground by a grinding machine to ensure that the precision of the blade is controlled within 0.001mm and the parallelism is controlled within 0.003mm.

It is applicable to the following industries: steel plate processing and distribution center, steel pipe factory, steel strip mill, packaging material factory, non-ferrous metal processing plant, vertical cutting line manufacturers and other industries.

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