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Product Introduction:

Metal spacer also known as the knife pad, is the slitting machine according to the different width of the plate to separate the width between the blade and the blade, and the upper knife and the next knife horizontal clearance adjustment.The main commonly used materials are 40Cr, S45C, S55C, 40CrMo, 65Mn and other fine steel, which are made by forging, machining, heat treatment, internal stress elimination, leveling, fine grinding, secondary oxidation and rust prevention, super fine grinding, in the long time continuous use without wear, no deformation.The precision of the spacer directly affects the use effect of the blade, so the spacer needs to be carefully polished to make its thickness tolerance controlled at 0.003mm, and the commonly used specification is within 0.5-150mm.We can also, according to the customer's needs, attach a rubber ring in the outer diameter, so that the coil material can be carried out smoothly to avoid scratches.

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