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What are the heat treatment methods and processing methods of slitter blades

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Heat treatment method of slitting machine blade:
1. Homogeneous annealing treatment
Referred to as homogenization, the use of a long time in high temperature heating, so that the internal chemical components of the full diffusion, so also known as diffusion annealing.The heating temperature varies according to the type of steel. Large ingot steel is usually homogenized between 1200℃ and 1300℃, high carbon steel between 1100℃ and 1200℃, and ordinary forged or rolled steel between 1000℃ and 1200℃.
2. Complete annealing treatment
Completely annealing treatment of hypoeutectoid steel is heated to above Ac3 temperature 30-50 ℃, hypereutectoid steel heating to Ac1 temperatures above 50 ℃ temperature range, machinery blades in the temperature keep enough time, to become a single organization or austenitic austenitic body after body mixed with xue Ming carbon body organization, in the furnace cooling to soften steel and steel to get ideal ductility and fine grain size of organization.
3. Spheroidizing annealing treatment
The main purpose of spheroidal annealing is to improve the cutting performance and machining plasticity of steel materials by condensing the layer or mesh carbide into a ball by heat treatment, especially for tool steels with high carbon content.
4. Softening annealing treatment
The heat treatment procedure of softening annealing heat treatment is to heat the workpiece to the range of 600℃ to 650℃ and keep it air-cooled after a period of time. The main purpose is to make the workpiece hardened by machining soften again and restore its original toughness, so that it can be further processed.
5. Relaxation annealing treatment
Chi annealing heat treatment is the main purpose, is that clear for forging, casting, machining or welding residual stress, the residual stress, often results in the decrease of strength of artifacts and deformation, and have a bad effect on the material toughness, ductility, so the chi force annealing heat treatment for strict size longitude artifacts, there are security concerns of mechanical components is very important.
6. Normalization
Normal heat treatment has two important functions, one is to make the workpiece crystal grain fine and improve the mechanical properties of the material;Another purpose is to adjust the size or distribution of carbides in rolling or casting tissues, so that carbides can be easily soluble in materials during subsequent heat treatment, so as to improve the machinability of materials and make materials uniform.
7. Quenching treatment
The main purpose of quenching treatment is to rapidly cool the steel so as to obtain the extremely hard ma - tin granular structure.
8. Tempering treatment
Generally, tempering treatment is usually carried out after quenching treatment in order to eliminate the adverse effects of quenching treatment and retain the quenching effect. The main purpose of tempering treatment is to make the quenching generated tissue metamorphism or precipitation more, reduce residual stress and improve the mechanical properties.

Processing method of the outer circle on the blade surface of slitting machine:
1. coarse
Umbrella cutting is an economical and effective method for rough machining.Since the purpose of roughing is mainly to quickly remove the excess metal from the blank, increasing productivity is its main task.Rough cars usually use as much back draft and feed as possible to improve productivity.
In order to ensure tool life, the cutting speed is usually lower.When the machine is rough, the main deflection Angle is selected to reduce the backside force and prevent the bending deformation and vibration of the workpiece.The smaller front Angle, back Angle and negative edge Angle are selected to enhance the cutting strength of the turning tool.
2. fine car
The main task of fine car is to ensure the required machining precision and surface quality of parts.The external surface of fine car is generally machined with a smaller back draft and a higher cutting speed.In the processing of large shaft parts cylindrical, it is often used to use a wide blade turning tool low speed precision car.
Larger front Angle, rear Angle and positive Angle Angle should be selected to improve the quality of machining surface.
3. Fine car
The first compartment of the fine car adopts cubic boron nitride, diamond and other ultra-hard material tools for processing, the use of the machine tool also if the spindle can do high-speed rotation and has a high stiffness of high precision or precision machine tools.
It is mainly used for precision machining of nonferrous metals with poor grinding machinability. It is more effective for aluminum and lead alloy workpiece which is easy to block the pores of grinding wheel.In the processing of large precision external surface, fine car can replace the grinding process.
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