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What kind of slitting machine blade and material

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The types of slitting machine blades can be simply divided into the following three types:
The first is a special slitting machine blade. This slitting blade is usually used with other equipment to help them complete special cutting tasks.In detail, it can be expressed in the following three aspects:
1. as a cold forming line vertical scissors.
2. Such slitting machine blade is needed in the processing of steel structure.
3. the use of flat line plate cutter blade is generally to help those in the production process needs to be completed quickly in the shear link.
Second, multi-purpose slitting machine blade this slitting machine blade can also be divided into two forms for use:
Belong to high precision vertical scissors, when using this kind of slitting machine blade as long as the material, can complete the necessary shear on board, not only can a molding, can be accurate, mainly is the commonly when the vertical scissors used for blanking process of shear, so using high efficiency.The normal has the plate material longitudinal scissors piece and the inclined edge shears the machine two kinds of blades.
Third, flat plate shears blade, Yellowstone plate shears blade design for the use of flat, in the form of such a design cut out of good quality, won't appear the phenomenon of distortion, up and down and when to use for the design of the two sides are parallel, so at the time of use can be divided into the cut and incised, ask the operator at the time of operating will have operating experience, avoid surprises in the work of conditions, equipment damage or the loss of plank price.
Blade material of slitter:
The slitting machine blade is used for the disc roller shears in the metallurgical strip cutting industry. The slitting machine blade is mainly made of T10, 6CrW2Si, Cr12MOV, LD, H13, W18Cr4V, HI3K and other fine tool steels and high alloy die steels.
It is widely used in cutting edge and strip of thin, medium and thick plate, such as hot rolled coil, acid milling disk, electroplating and coloring steel plate, silicon steel plate, stainless steel, silicon steel sheet and other industries.The cutting blade of slitting machine is smooth and smooth, and the cutting edge is wear-resistant.
Mainly with dry plate slitting and various slitting units.Round knife specifications from 10mm-2000mm, precision level up to 0.003 within, thickness tolerance 0.001, finish up to 40.8 within, such as W6Mo5Cr4V2Co, SLD, dc-53 and other new materials, its unique toughness and wear resistance, suitable for 0.1-10mm stainless steel precision sub-blade, vertical cutting machine blade sharp wear resistance, smooth and straight cut.
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