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Hengfeng machinery to tell you the use of circular blade matters needing attention

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1. When the round blade is not used, it should be hung vertically on the dry shelf. The round blade cannot be laid flat, which will cause the deformation of the round blade.
2. The serrated edge of the round blade is hard and sharp, which cannot collide or fall to the ground, so it needs to be handled gently.
3. Protective cover, working gloves, safety helmet, safety shoes and protective glasses shall be worn during operation.
4. Before installing the circular blade, it is necessary to confirm the performance and use of the saw table to ensure that the cutting direction indicated by the arrow of the circular blade is the same as the rotation direction of the saw table.Can not be installed in the opposite direction, the wrong direction may cause the blade serrated off, to prevent accidents.
5. When installing the circular blade, it is necessary to check whether there are cracks, distortion, leveling and tooth dropping before installation.
6. After installation, it is necessary to confirm whether the center hole of the circular blade is firmly fixed on the flange of the saw table. When there is a washer, it is necessary to cover the washer.
7. When in use, do not exceed the stipulated high speed.
8. After the new blade is put on before use, it shall be rotated for one minute before use, so that the cutting can be carried out when the saw table enters the working state.
9. the round blade hardness requirements are more important, sometimes your material is better, hardness requirements are not reasonable blade will appear cracks, soft mouth.
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