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Together with hengfeng machinery analysis of the two - axis shredder blades

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For the two-axis shredder equipment, the main two accessories, a bearing, one is the cutter, it can be said that the quality of the two parts for the production efficiency of the equipment is more important.
Equipment cutting tool materials, materials are often used cold mold steel, hot mold steel to make.Commonly used steel brands: D2 (Cr12Mo1V1), DC53 (Cr8Mo2SiV), H13 (4Cr5MoSiV1), SKD11 (Cr12MoV), etc.Economic performance economy price per set of cutting tools (yuan)/number of waste materials per set of cutting tools (ton).The third is the tool's service life, the tool's raw materials, material beneficial alloy element and harmful alloy element content.Tool structure, cutting gap between tools, tool Angle, tool blade surface roughness.The heat treatment of the tool, the hardness of the blade, the hardness uniformity of the same surface, the rotary speed of the tool, namely the cutting speed of the tool relative to the material, the cutting force of the tool, namely the power of the shredder equipment.
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